Sunday, July 30, 2017

short story slam week 72

short story slam week 72, july 20 to august 6, 2017 


  孟盛楠  meng shenglan


涂经纬, Tu Jinwei


  赵忠祥  zhao zhongqiang

杨澜  yang lan


赵薇  zhao wei

2007年9月6日下午,杨澜、马艳丽、李玲玉、王艳四位星妈齐聚, yang lan, ma yanli, li linyu, wang yan,

 与黄晓明陈坤是同班同学, huang xiaoming, chen kun,

金枝欲孽  in a movie called "jin zhi yu ye"

佘诗曼  Charmaine Sheh


 古巨基   Ku Kui Kei, Leo Ku


 梁咏琪  liang yongqi

2005年《天涯追缉令》  performed in "Tian Ya Zhui Ji Lin"

杨蓉  yang rong


凤凰传奇  feng huang chuan qi, singer

孟庭苇  meng tingwei

唐嫣  tang yan, tiffany tang


林妙可  lin miaoke


吴秀波  wu xiubo


伍声  wu sheng, 

2008年5月,EHOME战队2:0战胜CANT战队取得以PGL2008第三赛季冠军[2]  。(战队成员:09、Longdd、SanSheng、Dc、Gk、Shasha)


 彭于晏  peng yu  yAn, eddie peng


梁静茹  Fish Leong, liang jingri

张靓颖  zhang qianying

not pictured,

marissa mayer, zachary bogue, larry page, lucinda shen, james park, sheng wu, amelia wilson,
randy wilson, wu zheng, bruno wu, peng liyuan, xi jinping, li keqiang, liu yan, luo jie, huang feng,
gu juji, gu jianfeng, yan mi, zhao youting, bill gates, melinda gates, mike dell, susan dell

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

short story slam week 69, and poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6

short story slam week 69, on Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet and her older brother Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow 


On Humor, friendship, and siblinghood between /among
Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet 
and her older brother
 Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow , the pooh bear,
in adition to 
Emily  Marysethjodi Dickinson, the Bunny,
and Amelia WilliamBurns Sanders, the Tigger,
hello, let us watch, listen, and hear what a budding child can do and say when she and he 
are set on Disney world, and get pushed to know Amelia Island, Abbey Wood apartments,
and Samson PLaza near New York Times Square....
Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh  
 Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh  
Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh  
Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh  
Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh 
Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet 
she has high expectation of her surroundings
she tries hard
and makes huge efforts
in making friends 
with Jerry, Ginger, Bunny, Kanger and Rae, 
including her brother Wiinie the Pooh
when she has fears
she runs long and far
reaching a higher point
to see courage and methods of winning a praise


World Peace Year Sixth, counting from 2012, to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, we are going strong and profound 


by naming itself dragonfly
the insect turns into a benign moth
pleasing Kate Middleton, why?

sometimes when the Keystone Dam is high
we drive our cars nearby
skipping those terrifying moments of crossroad frights

life is a riddle
road map is a maze
we move about with wisdom
our path gives offspring of us a good advice

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Beyond Houston, Raleigh, we find New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, Brownsville, and Marksville

on American Airline,  Troy Carter and her husband could see the New Orleans and its flooding zone

Image result for louisiana and sea 

a map from  Austin Mitchell satelite

Related image 

Angie Animatter cooks Oyster dish, a world famous course from Acme Oyster  / Pascal Oyster food mart

Image result for jung's from new orleans   mapo tofu from Jung's is good, original roots can be traced
to Danian, Tangshan, Shantou, and Qingdao

Image result for hotel modern        a hotel from louisiana state

a research hall from TU

Percified Wood log near Loyola University at Tulane Campus

 Pho noodle is popular at New Orleans city

Dillard corner, Shoe section features Sperry, Nike, John Murphy, J. S. Bank, Matt Cole....

Jiahong Wu, Zhao Kun, and Guan Li, Acme Oyster food table

 poets corner from Acme oyster restaurant, Meteorite, LA

New Orleans is world famous for supporting poetry rally
especially Marc Armstrong, Joseph Berrigan, Billy Collins, and Jimmy Prytania
when Christina Mulvane visits 
poets are inspired to continue their journey
nothing can be said or done than staying poetic
and pave our Bethpage into Floating Boggs
Keep it going,
Keep poetry Brewing,
Lindy Claiborne Boggs believes in Marissa Mayer
Corinne Lindy Boggs trust Zachary Bogue
we are amazed about Bonnabel, Camp, Jungs, Gibson, Richardson, and Dinwiddie,
today I flash my camera
and print the words
"Bayou To Go and Remain Tarium near Florida bay"