Friday, December 28, 2012

Variations for Two Pianos By Donald Justice

There is no music now in all Arkansas,
Higgins is gone, taking both his pianos.
Movers dismantled the instruments, away
Sped the vans, the first detour UN-tuned the strings.
there is no music now in all Arkansas.
Warm evenings, the windows open, he would play
something of Mozart's for his pupils, the birds.
There is No music now in all Arkansas.
How shall the mockingbird mend her trill, the jay
His eccentric attack, lacking a teacher?
Higgins is gone, taking both his pianos
There is no music now in all Arkansas.

Friday, December 14, 2012

One Time, I Entered Heaven By Mike Maggio

It was a quiet morn
when the world slept deeply
and the spirits swirled like water.
skipping on clouds
leaping from star to star.
It was the music, you see
it was the notes the angels
had carefully fastened to the breeze.
I gather them like stardust
in between the greed and cry of the wolf
when the moon pauses.
When the earth catches its awesome vreath
I can hear the bells peal
and see the face of God
mirrored in the dips and dives of a dove.
when I listen.
as the angels embrace
the crystal dewy dawn.

Monday, December 3, 2012

ABC By Donald Justice


A syllable with skin,
Tough and saurian,
Alive in the sewer's mouth.
A word with loot
bulging its pockets
crouched in the alley after curfew.
A whole stanza forming
to march off the curb
and into your head with banners.
A poem in hiding
from men in advertising
and the guitars of ex-pilots.


Be the unfolding page,
white page, memorial to the absolute,
Altas of heights and depths.
Be the statue leaning out from the stone,
the stone also, torn between past and future,
and the hammer, whose strength we share.


See how the fearful chandelier
trembles above you
each time your open your mouth
to sing: Sing!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Time Ship

As if
time were
banks of
a river,
and we are
water below,
or time were
a ship in the ocean
with us on it,
while we eat,
talk, write,
and grow,
times moves
day time
turns into
night time,
we do
this to
feel the
and situations
upon our feet.
It's hard
or impossible
to withhold
we have to
sail along

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From July to January

Life grows and stretches,
July morning,
Out in the open field,
Birds chirp, the repeated quaternary calls,
The grass is tall,
Full of Jade green wreckage,
The nature of summer is expectancy.
I feel like mist on a lotus pond,
empty like a deserted rowboat,
Weak as a lily pad,
Sun ray lifts the curtain of fog,
The way a ghost vanishes under light,
An enchanting wand shapes,
Somethings languid and novel is shaped.
The fantasy turns into a reality,
The expected date is early January,
The coldest night of the season,
You will be carrying a ribbon,
as you draw your first breath, screaming,
and I smile to hear you.
A moment we share and remember,
until later, I carry in my soul.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Mime Owen Song By Matt Eric Schmids

The seasons will tumble over the field,
The Jade green leaves,
The showers of April,
May's floods,
Tenable or tenacious May.
Summer bursting and restless,
Torrents of water,
Torrents of weeks,
The roosters' crows,
The wolf's howl,
The rapids continue,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boomerang and Reflectiosn by Jeanette Wilson



Whose Soweto acts of love or hate-
let it boomerang.
What will you catch in return?


Imagery: Thoughts of past and present
become future. In the pool of days
gone, yonder-Spring forth!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn Power Point Slides

Hong Mudan or Red Peonies
Flowers=Xian Hua

Green leaves rustle,
some have turned red or brown,
Chill air veils the town.
Cars run, fast and loud,
Autumn wind races ahead,
new born babies fret.
Hunting, back and forth,
Lions, leopards, and tigers rule,
kill with piercing paws.
soak some peony grace,
Let full moon harvest take place,
Chew midnight snacks.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love's Garden By Eleanor Federson Hillemann

Love planted a garden
and tended it well.
spent hours of labor
its beauty to tell:
Then one day its flowers
burst into bloom-
A myriad of colors
with rarest performance:
They beamed as they smiled
To the sunshine above,
And the story they told
was the story of love.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Mending and Winding to October Pumpkin Horror

ABC Wednesday: M for mmmm.... M is for Mending

Three Word Wednesday: 3WW CCXCVIII

Let rain ripe the crops,
Each October storm will be an omen
in piercing mid-autumn into early November,
It's time to add thick quilt to bed
and have the windows shut at night time,
Miserable crows detach to escape the scarecrow
at the pumpkin field under silent willows,
Unbearable summer fever retreat
entirely under the ripening apples,
charming colors are painted on
rustling tree leaves, blades of grass
lose their liveliness in brittle wheeze
of the moonless night...
The change in time and space
makes the hunger of soft crusted
apple pie stronger than ever,
Fog sheaths the morning traffic
if humanity increases,
The comfort is sought at heart-warming
hugs and under lovers' silky bed,
Sweet dreams are mending angels
to upgrade views in dignity.
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I,
But we know the difference it makes
if we pay attention to nature in our sight.

Movies shows fancy
tall tales in imaginations,
Hollywood home rocks.