Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wyoming = Hui+J. K. Rowling+ Kate Middleton+Yao Ming

Wyoming was the first state to
give women the right to vote.
Yellowstone is official National Park (1872)
The largest coal mine is Black Thunder near Wright.
Wyoming leads in coal production
in 1994 with 3 million tons/week
The JCPenney stores were started in Kemmerer.
Wyoming has the lowest population
in the United States.

Image Credit:, on Wyoming state and Affairs...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chili’s: A Perfect Place for Family Gathering Besides CiCi’s Pizza or Apple Bee’s

We all enjoy dining outside home
for a change or for special occasions,
Besides some fast food chains such as Cici's Pizza,
or standard food chain Apple Bee's,
Chili's restaurant stands out for its
freshness on items, varieties on main menus,
and thoughtfulness (Salsa) before formal
dishes...Jingle enjoys family time at
Chili's a lot.



Image Credit: on Chili's, Apple Bee's, and Cici's Pizza...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kunming University of Science and Technology: Thanks For The Lifting To Shawn Peng!


Chuanxian (Shawn) Peng, Jingle's brother
made it to Kunming University of Science
and Technology, Yunnan Province, the college
is equivalent to University of Southern California,
where Sheng was accepted but he chose
Northwestern University instead.
..Jingle has at least four classmates
living in Kunming, Mingyin He is one of
them, blessings. Thanks for the support!

Taichi at Kunming University of Science and Technology

university of southern california

usc  spirits...

Ms. Coffee: Bryker Wood Elementary School's Open Minded Angel

 Ms. Coffee Class: Sheng was wearing a blue Tiger sheet, standing on 4th row...

Ms. Coffee was Sheng's kindergartner teacher
at Austin, Texas, 1998-1999, Ms. Coffee
promotes diversity, and finds ways to introduce
her students cultural experiences other than
American ones, Jingle had a video tape,
recording The Chinese New Year celebrations...
music, songs, actors, and actresses are pure Chinese,
Ms. Coffee let her class watch the whole gala!!

Image Credit:, on Bryker Wood Elementary School, Thanks for the love...
Keep It Up!  xoxox

Simei (Sammy) Yan: The Fantastic Fairy Weaving Maiden

Suzy Pen and Simei Yan, at Jingle's Working place's Gas Station, Beijing, 1994

Simei (Sammy) Yan (Jingle's Mother) grew up
with Dad as a fishing man,
Sammy married Benny Pen when she was twenty,
She learned how to upgrade cotton flowers
and make cotton clothes
using a wooden weaving machine
operated by hand, Sammy also knew
how to turn soy beans into soft
tofu within two days period.

Sheng and Jingle, Chicago Natural History and Science Museum, Chicago, IL, 1995

Suzy, Benny, Simei, Shawn, The People Meeting Hall at Beijing, China, 

Jingle, Princeton, New Jersey, 1997...

Zach Wise: The Magical Pigeon Connecting The New York Times and Northwestern University

   Zach Wise

According to Sherry Jiao,
Award-winning multimedia producer Zach Wise 
from The New York Times is joining the
Medill School of Journalism faculty in Fall, 2012,
as an associate professor, co-teaching
both undergraduate and graduate students...
Associate dean Mary Nesbitt has confirmed the news.
Previously, Zach was the visiting professor for
the school of Visual Communication.

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Tianmen (Thomas) High School: The Outstanding Phoenix at Hubei

TOP: Chuanxian (Shawn) Pen, Tianmen High School, 

October 30, 2000, school sports
2nd Row: Tom and His Basketball Team, and Coaches 

Tianmen (Thomas) High School is #1
at Hubei province, Jingle participated
Regional chemistry contest in 1984-1985,
Won The First Prize, mentioned by
Radio station, awarded by Tianmen County,
Zhanggang School, maybe that’s the
reason Sheng's majoring in chemical engineering
at McCormick School of Engineering,
Evanston, Illinois. It's A Thrill Chuanxian
(Shawn) Peng made it there.

Tom AND Friends, 2008...

Tianmen (Thomas) School, Molding Young Minds

Tianmen School Teacher and Students

Tianmen (Thomas) High School

Falun Dafa at Thomas Tianmen City

Image Credit:,
Special Thanks to Shawn's Best Friend XueFeng Hu
or Snow-mountain Hu for taking good care of Shawn 
while he was there, and a BIG thanks go to all teachers
at Tianmen (Thomas) County (Six High Schools)  ;)