Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mischievous and Funny Happening

 Strange lady in Indian Team, July 27, 2012, London, England

Interesting things occur at London, 2012 Olympic games,
First, someone who was dressed in red
appeared walking among Indian team,
Then, I could not find the face of Kate Middleton,
Feeling lost or confused,
Glad to see another weird lady showing up
in American team,
Glittering pranks make the events grand,
Indian team, American team, Greece Team,
Italian Team, German Team, and Chinese Team,
keep it up,
Players differ, but race and gender
shall not matter, talent halts
when first daydream hit with golden medal,
Let it rain,
Let it rain,
Let the kings and queens sing,
and make the rest of the games burn!

Image Credit: Google.com, The new york times, wen xue city.com...

Friday, July 6, 2012

W World (Poetry and Wonders)

Image Credit: Google.com

W word, thou coolest not the best part,
It's not money to be only rich,
and on the flip side hard to switch;
It's wisdom to trust the heart,
Columbus discovered a world, and the art,
Carry the faith deciphered in the skies;
  Do mind the soul's wondrous sin price,
Knowledge is the torch of white birch,
that lights the way but with courage to hatch;
W world means virtue and embrace,
by which freedom is enjoyed under joyful grace,
Surpassing a void of mystery and fears,
by which the testing heart is felt.