Saturday, January 19, 2013

October Nights: Plus Taiwan Food Treats!

 Taipei Attraction

October night, the water runs down,
evenings wear grey and brown,
Music filters in,
Loving hearts sing.
October night, rings the telephone,
Mornings tickle, pink and young,
Harvests done,
Passionate hands hold sweet wine.
October night, pillow cases blue,
Lunch hour naps, mind-FUL,
meetings under the orange sun,
Business to bank., biscuit, you tiao, dim sum, beef noodle...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Labels (4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 77)

"you're ozone."
They say,
blinking their eyes!
puzzled by occurrences
palpable, strange;
The more we fight
against the world,
the fewer senses
it makes, friends,
abnormal or normal,
we see tears like rain,
we notice reflections in rainbows,
words carry will power,
shaping our perspectives.
invented spelling spins
Starflowers, arborvitae,
aspens, and foamflowers,
rooted deep from
the wisdom well,
labels forms the world.