Monday, March 31, 2014

Fayetteville Sentiments

As snow miserably fades,
Zig-zag roads at Fayetteville show their teeth,
Pink peach tree sprouts glow,
Radishes in the vegetable garden grow.
Spring hits high,
While the sun and the moon play seek-and-hide,
What to eat,
How to nurture and control weight,
lots of wonders go afloat,
Glad to have thin jacket replacing thick coat,
Almost time to plot 2014  summer music camp,
The thought of orchestra adds sunshine to my soul's swamp.
Mount. Sequoyah, Local Shopping mall,
What nutritious ways to live longer, and poem more...

Monday, March 10, 2014

That Day In November by Ray Hansell


Many times I think of you
Many times I remember
That very cold and cloudy day
In the month of November

That’s the day you told me
That you and I were through
You said it didn’t matter
That I was in love with you

You said you found someone else
Some one who needs you
I told you that I needed you
But I guess that just won’t do

I hope you find happiness
Or whatever you’re looking for
I know whatever he gives you
I could have given you much more