Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Poetic Flash: Princeton Public Library with Liz Bettina

211, 221, Resort alike hotels,
Unexpected thrills and spells,
Less than 20 minutes, we're in Princeton.

The Olden street, the Fine hall,
the Peter Lewis Library,
and Princeton University bookstore, busy at them all.

A cup of hot coffee,
Some sweet muffins and sugar too,
the Tiger Noodle house is good.

Long walks forth and back along Nassau street,
I recall Fuld Hall at Institute for Advanced Studies,
A visit to Einstein drive is great.

Princeton Public Library with Liz Bettina,
Holocaust experiences with Italian names,
I see Rome, Milan, Florence, Paris, Pearl Harbor win fame.

Princeton Garden Movie theater,
Washington street, John and Moore road,
The whispers of moving cars sound like a bird's tweet.

Route 1, Road and Turnpike 9, 95, and 81,
Mercer street, Jimmy Duffy & Sons,
A taxi, it costs $4, $38, $25 to be done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Airline Boeing 777 (3/8/2014)

March 8, 2014,
Kuala Lumpur or Ji Long Po airport,
Boeing 777-200 Er, 227 passengers,
Destination of Beijing International Airport, China
A good start on boarding, taxing, and taking off...
but the plane goes missing a few hours later...all of a sudden.

Malaysia Airline CEO won't question anything
unless, then wow, a powerful case is in,
No signs of the airplane on computer screen,
People's head goes blank, wondering...
Headache to Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Will Dunham,  Sonya Hepinstall,Tim Hepher,
John Goglia, Najib Razak, Renata Lucchi, Luigi Maraldi, Kim Kyung-Hoon, Sarah Nor,
Christian Kozel, Elaine Wood, Dean Yates, Vung Tau, and friends or family members...
Philippine reporters, as well as authorities from Port Blair, Hanoi, Singapore,
USA navy and FBI, New York, Perth, Rome, Paris, London,China, Australia,                                           Vienna, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, and Hong Kong are involved.

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia instantly win fame
at the cost of those 239 lost lives, after weeks of hunting
from air, sea, and landscapes...Sad accident, heart-breaking
relatives and off-springs to those who have boarded the aircraft
yet never thought they would be gone...Unfortunate! Prayers!