Saturday, January 17, 2015

the boy who refuses to die

personal attacks do harm one's ego,
physical abuses also wound one's mindest,
plotted murdering threat indeed leads to emotional drama,
losing one's memory adds more frost to that fragile exist.

April Henry has wild imagination,
So does Amelia Lanners,
a fictional lady,
Cady Layton suffers a lot,
yet finds his way out by his adventure with Phil Tyson.
a dark, torn cabin is the past,
a small, old boat is the bridge,
a brilliant, brave man is the motivation,
recovery resumes upon
the turn of tides: a true lover, Tara Wilson.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

humor and tech firms

Afternoon in School The Last Lesson

When will the bell ring, and end this weariness?
How long have they tugged the leash, and strained apart
My pack of unruly hounds: I cannot start
Them again on a quarry of knowledge they hate to hunt,
I can haul them and urge them no more.
No more can I endure to bear the brunt
Of the books that lie out on the desks: a full three score
Of several insults of blotted pages and scrawl
Of slovenly work that they have offered me.
I am sick, and tired more than any thrall
Upon the woodstacks working weariedly.

And shall I take
The last dear fuel and heap it on my soul
Till I rouse my will like a fire to consume
Their dross of indifference, and burn the scroll
Of their insults in punishment? - I will not!
I will not waste myself to embers for them,
Not all for them shall the fires of my life be hot,
For myself a heap of ashes of weariness, till sleep
Shall have raked the embers clear: I will keep
Some of my strength for myself, for if I should sell
It all for them, I should hate them -
- I will sit and wait for the bell.

David Herbert Lawrence :
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