Monday, March 30, 2015

Oyo at Ocu, Robert Henry at OKC Hue

they sing music on all,
almost everyone can enroll.
they meet on Monday nights,
They group up to improve Bach note bites.
They concert at Petree Hall or Edmond high,
or retreat at Norman, Santa Fe nearby.
They include Scott Jackson, John Clinton, Dennis McClurg,
They locate Morrison, Stillwater, Perry, Perkins, and Classen.
Bob Cooper, Jason Edward Grife, Eric Garcia, Mathew Mailman,
Peter Makes, Dan Larson, Gene Moon, Christy Fine, Ali Solomon.
Oyo at OCU,
Robert Henry at OKC hue.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Will Dance Marathon Today

don't curse the darkness at midnight,
it has claimed to have married the Moon.

Don't fret about the noises of the day,
They've splitted of the distant Sun's heat.

Don't run naked arrived the red barn,
For an alien will always have his camera on.
Don't romance with spring in pain,
let the chants of clouds resolve in the wind.

close the eyes,
open the window,
explore the business,
hear the horn,
don't scream,
don't blame...
March day,
It has dramatic impacts----------

wow, curious dove,
I will dance Marathon today,
enthusiasm and arms sway on pop music,
the melody spreads in detective-eye of the power.
regrets are buried underground,
I shall hug the evening
with my mind wide open,
and go to sleep with satisfaction
when YanWang-Magaly teases my ego
with Five-rays of mirth.

well, that means-----------

ssssssssh, curious dove,
I pushed my sixth sense
beyond the faithful earth,
no violence,
no sacrifice,
vote, and speak,
not much perfection,
but, walk toward justice,
with unspoken discourse...