Friday, April 24, 2015

OSSM Executive Management Briefing

Lost at Pearl Harbor,
Miseed Panhandle Oil and Gas, Inc. Meeting,
Glad to join David Brooks newshour.
After New York Times Headlines,
Moira Forbes smiles at Steve Wozniak,
Apple and Macintosh toss yummy computers.
Quail Greek Bank,
HoganTaylor, Cole & Reed, PC.
Frankfurt short Bruza Associates.
Thanks, Tom Brokaw,
Tony Blair, Ben Stein, Chuck Watson, Herman Cain,
World leaders discuss media business.
Ossm school,
long beans, bokchoy, and spicy tofu,
wonderful dinner and fried meatballs,
potato chips and tomato kechups.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


finger length,
small teardrops nestled inside,
a green princess.
the vines crawl and stretch,
a spring garden under golden sun ray,
the petal of peas appear wise.

snap the peas and remove them from their pods. i used a knife to tear ...
File:NCI peas in pod.jpg

Friday, April 10, 2015

Michael Murphy's Social Architecture

Bruce Freed on corporate political spending,
Ann Lindsey on Orthodox text in Greek,
Jeffrey Quilter, on history of human societies,
William Bila in Prague on Romani people.
The university of Chicago magazine,
A construction of art, science, math, and community cohesion,
wearing hundreds of people together,
One on Michael murphy made by
Mike Washburn and Iwan Baan.
Policy change,
Architecture design,
Air conditioned elements,
Paul Farmer, Phillip Glass, Robert Zimmer,
Lydialyle Gibson, Ida Noyes, Robert Noyce.