Tuesday, February 16, 2016

familt tree, lots of confution, also many more eye catching relations

doors pop open
life is heaven

i trace my foot prints
i discover history

a family is a union
a unit is a room

regardless who is out there
we always love to notify people here

simply read,
let the layers of onion peel

it is no big deal
but i hope that this post reveals

Tom Peng || Gayla Fu
                 Adam Peng
                 Mitt Peng
                 Paulson Peng
                 Mozart Peng

Adam Peng || Carolyn Shuai
                   Hanting Peng
                   Meredith Peng

Hanting Peng || Zhuangying Wang
                       Qiaozhi Peng
                        Xiangzhi Peng
                        Pingzhi Peng
                        Houping Peng
                        Yanzhi Peng
                        Guozhi Peng

Meredith Peng  || Huilong Wu
                         Ai E Wu
                         Wenping Wu
                         Hongping Wu
                         Aime Wu
                         Erika Wu

Saturday, February 6, 2016

short story slam week 38: what is OTRS?

  Image result for vanguard
short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

i scan over Vanguard magazine,
my blood freeze in empty vein

what is OTRS?
that is an interesting question!!!!

for lady Ford,
OTRS means Obama Text (Taxi) Rental Schedules

for Ms. Fine,
OTRS implies obvious tolerance regarding SONY

for Princess Megan 
OTRS tells Ohio Teachers Retirement Story

Board of Trustees have diverse opinions,
Because Vernon Florence disagrees with Lance Nelson

Back at 70's show,
Branson star Kirby Birch and his wife turn a magical dream into reality with Cards

as Zach Johnson swing his golf putters,
Greg Winters, Kevin Moore, Bill Peacher almost have their eyes wearing 3-D glasses

Now, I'm at Tiseltown movie box,
watching "Star Wars" with Tom Spencer sitting next to me.

I wear a T-shirt Jill Geiger brought to me last May,
Dreaming about OTRS probability inside Oliver Hodge Building.