Thursday, March 31, 2016

about math and analysis, including authors who write math textbooks

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quotes from Trent University,
Students from Princeton University,
Founding history of Dalhousie University,
The University of Manitoba all the way...

math, science, algebra, geometry, number theory, and analysis,
math textbooks from David Poole, Fraleigh Beauregard, Sheldon Axler,
differential equation problem solvers such as Howard Anton, Chris Rorres, Ron Larson
editors such as Reem Yassawi, Pat Rogers, Ed Barbeau, Jim Stewart...

by listening to Mike Hazelwood, Albert Hammond, Grey Toppo, David Morin,
by working on learning from Hornsby Schneider, Susan Friedlander, Robert Devaney,
we feel good about Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra,
we know Vectors, Dot product, Length or norm of a vector in R^n

the theorem on Scarlar, the unit vectors e1, e2, e3,
Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality with u, v in R^n, |u.v| < = ||u|| ||v||
the triangle inequality  ||u+v|| < = ||u|| + ||v||
Lu factorization, matrix row operations, Wow!!!

let's highlight Princeton university  faculty, student, stuff in random cases,
not restrticted, but to know them by chance,
Weinan E, Sergio Fenley, Mike Griffin, Yong Hou, Nicholas Katz, Gang Tian,
Guangbo Xu, Wu-Chung Hsiang, Blair Wang, Alan Chang, Andy Loo, Ben Zhang

when we go further, when we go deeper,
we know Peter Constantin, Kathleen Applegate, Bo Moon, Adam Levine,
Jane Huh, William Browder, Simon Kochen, Joseph Kohn, John Mather,
Hansheng Diao, Hale Trotter, Jiahong Wu, Alan Noel, Chris Francisco

my heart grows heavy
when a simple math leads to problem for Terrence Tao, UCLA,
still, we pin our pony tails on Sophie Morel, Fablo Pusateri, Peter Sarnak,
Goro Shimura, Yakov Sinal, Ioannis Angelopoulos, Stefanos Aretakis, Sijue Wu

never mind doubts on Nicolas Boumal, Maria Chudnovsky, John Conway,
do pay attention to Pan Yan, Matt Wilson, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musaal Khwarizmi
all the way,
we jump to xiaojie Shi, Fei Song, Siyi Zhang, Lue Pan, zipei Nie, Eric Chen, Zhaorong Jin

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Image result for princeton university