Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig, Three Word Wednesday, My memory art, Friday my town shoot out, poetry rally week 83

Whirligig 57

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3WW Week No. 477  

Tantrum, Tear, and Tender 
Northwestern University Wildcats are braver

Pritzker School of Law
Wing Liu, Larry Henschen, Gloria Kim, and Mark Clark have technology downpour

Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music,
where Robert Hasty, Mark Parker, Jing Dong, Jie Gu, and Neal Blair fine tune cartoon

If you ask who is Jiangsheng You, Jianguo Meng, Yuejin Bie, Bing Ma,
we say, they are Richard Freeman, Janice Mejia, Luis Amaral, and Alvin Bayliss

never mind,
I type plain childhood memory brand

dazzling sunset
father Justin Carr has firm principles in education agenda

blocking walls, black light,
twittering stars throw fists at menacing and spiking fir tree branches

Microsoft window 10, Bill and Melinda Gates, Teri Odom,
Dell laptop, Michael Dell, and Todd Murphey, Chad Perry

McCormick engineering, Ford Motor Company,
Daniel Apley, Neda Bagheri, Cheng Sun, Yun Wang, Ermin Wei, and Jill Wilson work

Maybe north brooke and Citgo fuel are not enough,
we hear Wigma and Matthew plot a business at Mario, IL

here comes Tom Wu, Abbey Wood, Aime Wu, Jackie Chan,
here shows up Morton Schapiro, Stacia Campbell, Yan Chen, Jian Cao

faculty enjoys GoJo, Auto Matic, Tork, Stoko products,
staff minds Shepard Hall, Walker Residential,  and Scott Hall

at the end of Spring,
we reprogram our brain and listen to nature

we say good things about Ryan Field, and Norris University Center,
thanks go to David Morton, Jan Achenbach, Horace Yuen, Ken Gentry, Emma De Costa

George Wells prefers to be isolated,
not knowing that Robert McCormick, Julio Ottino, Carol Berry, Wesley Burghardt who disagree

we love purple, we love green, we love blue,
Lake Michigan shore shall be sweet to most Northwestern men
Black & White Wednesday ~ Hints of Spring 

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  Image result for northwestern university

Saturday, April 9, 2016

short story slam week 42,

short story slam week 42, lucky chance, good body shapes, fame, and economic backgrounds on people (April 7---April 24, 2016)


cloudy day
some shenyang folks come to san francisco bay

alan wish to eat raw oinions,
a coin falls into the palm of Benshan Zhao

janet wishes to escape to Alaska
but she has to parachute near colorado mountain

tom and abbey jumps down by chance
jill moreno wilson wu encounters Dou aichele and joseph burns the trees

big fire, forest accident
miranda singer joins barbara for a bbq diner

Jim's diner is cool,
so does Helen Cole

saint andrew and saint lawrence
both fight for saint segrey and saint eric

heard you singing
i am restless, without sleeping

things go well in Vocouver
time to pack, and pick up patti at Gray's regional airport

poetry rally week 83, from occc to ocu, from osu to wv

Image result for keith leftwich memorial library 

Keith Leftwich, Paul Sechrist  jobswitch
Jerry Steward, Lenora Burdine Toddholm

inside osu, burns hargis whitehursts books
Jamie, university store from osu howls

Jianan Yang, jyang4 at my okou dot edu
Perry's, pancakes and french toasts

Nova in May, oklahoma city community college
taj, indian buffet, may food plaza volunteer day

Bishop Angie Smith, Wimble school of religion
Keith Gaylord, a friend to Thelma Gaylord

occc coffee shop, 7777 south may avenue
Kassidy E, Hung Tran, Mav M-Mart #22

glengoe, OK
Pawnee, OK

Stillwater, OK
Morrison, OK

Norman, OK
Lone wolf, OK

Lindo Ravecruz mexican food, good
Cici's pizza, wish upon a star, good

Snak N Pak, Pawnee, OK
Alon, South May, OKC, OK

Sheng Wu, Noogler
Matt Shapiro,  Stekerwalt

Ben Wu, benji wojin relative
ALex Zhu, standford university, fine

michael arrington, tech crunch
mark zuckerburg, facebook page

michael dell, near west 44 high way, cross south west 40
larry page and luncinda southworth, google first couple

france cordova, a loud voice on naf
peter constantin, a handsome horse from chicago