Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Mellow Yellows, passing, Short Story Slam Week 49,


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Vacation [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

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sailing boats
walking back to tiger woods

burfing eagle
growing poets

purcell, ada, surphul, davis, joy, wynnewood, maysville, moore, norman,
joe exotic, mary maynard, sarah perez, sherry smith, and julie louise

lots of tigers in Wyneewood, watching sky dive,
many folks gather, hear the white parrot speak,

a cock crows, a black bear stares,
a white cat meows, and a leopard roars

seth wadley and elda davis,
doughlas apple and nicholas dirks

check out Berkeley, Los Angeles, Boston, Cambridge, Rof, Joy, Strafford,
see wildcats roam Evanston, Jay, Colcord, Tishomingo, Tescuseh, Cushing

small minds
big wonders

tender hands
golden rain coats cover their greenwood pandas

merry christmas to Wynnewood residents
Valero oil, Shell, Fastline, Walmart, Crest food, Homeland, wow