Tuesday, December 27, 2016

short story slam with sheng wu, amelia wilson, jiahong wu, and chinka whiteson

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Danny Treston, Hawk Williams, and Rob Bishline run the shop in Tulsa, next to Cloud dining

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the day when Samrufz break the news
is the day the Moon turns herself into a spoon

we have fun at Tourism Cab Taxi
we enjoy the protection of police sheriff cops

the road of 51, 48, 108, sh 97, 412, 64, 75, and 99 is profund
we have stopped by Yale and buyed Gusher, Cushing Journal, Stillwater Journal, and Yale News

we love Jiffy stop and Phelps Market
Mannford, Sand Spring, Scapula, Perkins, Ripley, Oilton, Jennings, and
oops, we love those driving expeeriences

Brady theater thinks of Gerald Clancy and Steady Upham,
Boxyard reminds us of Lilyn Cheekawood, and Thomas Wu

wow, Abbey Wood laugh at Bok tower
David Lee and Christina Li believe in Chapman Theatre All state orchestra

Nathan Greenwood and Eric Garcia,
Bob Cooper and John Clinton, they all good musicians

we love the Voice from Stephan and Kathleen
way to go, Joy, Mary, Vicker, Sam, Kayleigh, Albert, Tuzo, and Tom

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