Saturday, April 29, 2017

short story slam week 67,

人民的名义 TV版_高清视频在线观看_爱奇艺


  fellow actors and strong performing members

Jiangxin,  蒋欣
Zhang Fengyi,  张丰毅
Wu Gang, 吴刚
Xu Yajun, 许亚军
Zhang Zhijian, 张志坚
Lu Yi, 陆毅
zhen shuang, 郑爽
Hu yanbing, 胡彦斌
Yinh Er, 颖儿
ou Yang Nuonuo, 欧阳娜娜
Yuan Bingyan, 袁冰妍
Peng Xiaoran, 彭晓冉
Tian Pujun, 田朴珺
Guo Biting, 郭碧婷
Shen Mengchen, 沈梦辰
Zhao Ziqi, 

Image result for 沈梦辰  shen mengchen, movie actress

Image result for 人民的名义电视剧    lu yike as Ke Lan
Image result for 人民的名义电视剧  
 Image result for 人民的名义电视剧  Han Lei, Jiang Yirong

a movie about money and greed scanning via Supreme court, 
Asian officers mind every one's behavor,
None shall love those extra benefits unless it is fair,
yet, the "so called criminals" speak of innocent voices,
they happen to be a raw potato
who blocks the chief cop's eyes,
they are unforunate
and their opposition may not lead to fruitful outcomes,
yet we know that in this complex world,
sun rise,
sea level tide falls,
the down and up of each human in its own job performance is under God's eyes,
we could not disagree
yet we wish all of you good luck,
including Gao Xiaoqing, Cai Chenggong, Yuan Baoquan, Yang Hongnian, Wang Xiaochun
best wishes to Ying Er, Tian Bingyan, Peng Xiaodan, Tian Pujing, Zhen Shuang, Ma Ran, 

Monday, April 24, 2017

poetry rally week 84, friends, flowers, and tokyo seoul foods, they are good nutrition

Tokyo Seoul food party by AME PDe workshop, Pullman, Washington State University

Yuan Pei, Jin Yu, Tan Changhui, Laura Bryum, Frank Bard, Abbey Shioya, Fazel Hadadifard, and Matt Leed

math faculty from all over USA, Nebraska, Rochester, Riverside, Denver, Lincoln, Stillwater talk near
Smith Center, WSU

Mark Adler walks along Spokane Way, trying to dine at Tokyo Seoul food lunge

a bag of sun chips from Subway

Shuimooneh flowers from WSU

hard equations and smart logics
lots of people join Becka Bence and Craig Angelo for truth
reducing Tornados from charming Cougs

William Gordon, Mike Worthy, and Francois Forgette smile
big, and wide,
because Anna Wilson-Short, Jihyeong Son, and Johnson Annex rock

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Image result for go, cougs

Image result for go, cougs

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laug